Understand the SHSAT in five minutes.

SHSAT what?

The SHSAT is a test that determines admission to eight of the Specialized High Schools. Only eighth and ninth graders who live in New York City can take it.

Specialized High Schools?

The Specialized High Schools are New York City public schools created for high-achieving students. Eight of them use the SHSAT for admission:

So...what's on the SHSAT?

You've got two and a half hours to complete 95 questions. (ouch!)

Example questions please?

Here you go.

When Tomas wears his white shirt, he also wears a tie. When he wears a tie, he also wears his black shoes. Which is a valid conclusion?
Answer: C.
Four friends are going to sit in a row on a bench to have their picture taken. In how many different orders can the four friends sit?
Answer: E.

That's only two questions! Where can I get more practice?

The NYC education department offers two practice tests in its Specialized High Schools Handbook (starting on page 30). The handbook is the only official source of SHSAT practice questions. There are plenty of unofficial prep classes and unofficial prep books.

What's the SHSAT scored out of?

Scores are out of 800 points. Since the scores are scaled however, there's no exact conversion between a percentage score and a scaled score.

What are the SHSAT cutoffs?

Here are our guesstimates of the cutoffs for each Specialized High School. The underlying data was mainly compiled from students commenting with their scores on the old SHSAT FYI.


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